CleanDrive decentralized charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles

CleanDrive aims to create decentralized, international, low-entry-barrier charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and promote the culture of shared use of electric vehicles

Fast transactions

Blockchain-based bookings system will allow users to buy or sell electric energy, making the payments nearly feeless, instant and integrated within a global network


The platform will facilitate the crowdfunding of new charging stations by allowing their owners to sell future energy in the form of custom tokens in exchange for funding

Peer-to-peer information sharing

Organise charging in the most cost-efficient manner across a network of vehicles and charging stations, sharing of charging information

Value proposition

CleanDrive (CDR) is an open source, blockchain-based platform, which lets users book or provide electric vehicle charging services

The greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector will rise by nearly 20 percent by 2030.
We can change that by helping create effective infrastructure of charging stations with the help of crowdfunding, and in that way, also promoting the use more usage of electric vehicles.


The attempt to promote electrification of the transport sector faces a number of challenges and among the major ones is a lack of accessible charging infrastructure. Our solution has three core elements which also represent distinct stages of development


the creation of a blockchain-based booking and payments system for the charging of electric vehicles


a system for crowdsourcing the construction of new charging stations with our token

Smart economy integration

information sharing among smart vehicles, connecting more energy appliances to the network and allowing automatic trade of energy tokens among them

Our roadmap


Goes live


Core client and white paper is published


Fully open source and decentralised protocol is started


Pilot project starts




Release for public testing


Roll out in first region

CleanDrive application

We are creating an application that will allow the owners of charging stations to sell charging services directly to end users with a direct booking mechanism. Customers will use our application to check charging station locations, availability and make a booking. The application will work as both a mobile and web app, which will connect directly to a blockchain back-end.

CleanDrive wallet

Account management

Booking system

Fast transfers

Meet the team

Clean Drive project unites people from all over the world who strongly believe this project will change the future of the use of electric vehicles.


Gediminas Gabrielaitis

Co-Founder. General Manager. Gediminas has 15+ years of experience in business management. He is the CEO at MGP Investicija


Oliver Stankiewitz

Business advisor. Oliver is the chairman at Nordur Power Ldt. and former CEO at Swiss Climate Invest Ldt.


Dr Karolis Gudas

Co-Founder. Regulatory affairs expert. Karolis has 10+ years of legal experience in cross-border legal matters. He holds a PhD degree in law from the World Trade Institute.


Eduard Gromyko

Industry advisor. Eduardo has 10+ years experience in the automotive industry. He is the CEO at Berkley Motors LLC (USA)


Linas Špukas

Software developer


Kęstutis Miliūnas

Consultant. Kestutis has 10+ years of experience in automotive industry. He is the President at Amber Auto Sales


Gintautas Dulskas

Marketing expert. Gintautas has 10+ years of experience in project marketing and communication


Linas Vaštakas

Linas has five years experience running startups. He has a keen interest in the blockchain space, where has been involved in since he graduated with a graduate degree from the University of Cambridge in 2015.


Edvardas Prochovskis

Manager. Edvardas has 5+ years of experience in real estate development. He is a business development manager at MGP Investicija


Dr Virginijus Radziukynas

Technical advisor. Virginijus has experience in the development of car charging stations. He works at the head division of one of the leading energy companies in Lithuania

Advisory board


Remigijus Šimašius

Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania

Strategic partners

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